Thursday, July 14, 2005


is a very hard topic for me. なんか、空いているんだと思う。知らない事。一番大切物かどうか分からん。そして、いい家族がどんな家族も説明しなきゃなれば、できないと思う。そんな事 をお考えて、辛いんです。持ってない事と思う。持ってろうか。

Sunday, July 03, 2005

life without the net

1 month has passed since i started my internship. And also for that long i am seperated from the internet, the world, my friends, my cousins. lots of stuffs happened and i fail to blog nor memorize to blog it after. they just gone.
Now i am sharing my room and actually he is okay, it's just we are different that even meeting in the middle feels so hard. i can't believe that even nice guy like us can't be good friends.
there are some things u can't push.