Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

it's just an ordinary greeting from me... but i do really wish you have had best things throughout the year and will have more in the coming year. よいお年を

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

it's easy in the head but hard to tell

What can make a person change the way he acts? or the way he thinks? i say occurrence. not a good one. Bad ones instead. And... how bad must it be that it changes people? Then again... how is the result of the change? People rarely change into the way we want them to be.
Acceptance is easier to do, yet it's not preferable to us.

what do i ask?

i never thought i will get into this kind of situation. i need to ask a favor to a certain somebody just for the sake of that somebody. as actually right now i don't have anything to ask in particular. but in the other hand... i really need to do that. hmm... 面白い interesting. yet 面倒臭い.

Friday, December 17, 2004

i'll help you....

Somebody i know here.... she is a very diligent person, put herself in the highest priority, always want to be right, and dare to correct a Japanese teacher about the teacher's japanese. To be able to understand (memaklumi) what builds this kind of personality, i pick some points that i know so far. It looks like she came from a rapidly developing country, this makes the young generation struggle to get a better future. Competition is very strong. That's why she is very diligent. To be able to optimize studying time, study-time cannot be interrupted. And thus occurs this rare thing.... that she helps people (even close friend) only when she wants to help, which is outside of her study time. And she helps (a little pushy) even when the person she is helping is not in need. This is the compensation to fix her relation with society.
What drives a person to help others? I help others because i have the ability, even though i don't have the time. And that often puts me in trouble.

Friday, December 10, 2004



Things always come to me in the last minute


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

This one is not good for your health

haven't taken the time to think about it, but somebody i know said: "what's the worst word in the world? it's not sad, hopeless, anger, etc_etc.... But it's 'helplessness', coz from there, you got no where to go."

"Living as i do with human beings, the more that i observe them, the more I am forced to conclude that they are selfish." --Natsume Soseki / I am a Cat --

Most people, try to take people's heart with his/her ability to make a warm conversation. I who has never been good at creating a warm conversations, take people's heart by offering help as far as I can. This kind of ability i've been saying is a natural talent, and should be seperated from the conotation of doing things for a particular purpose.

Two things that i feel and has occupied my mind recently:
  1. i am running out of words, which means i am growing a gap in my relationship. For me, it's not really a problem as a have accepted my limitation,. Problem is, i still wanna help you guys, as far as i can. Bad conversation doesn't mean that i stop helping.
  2. In the other hand, i feel that people in the other side, knowing what kind of person i am, don't really help me raise some topics of conversation.
"The prime fact is that all humans are puffed by their extreme self-satisfaction with their own brute power" --Natsume Soseki / I am a Cat --

日記を書くとき、たくさん感じについて話すし、毎日そんな単語があまり使わないし、日本語で書くのはまだ出来ないだ。 日本語の問題がたくさんあるんだけど、誰かに質問するか知らない。日本人に質問すると、必ず手伝ってくれたんだけど、


Friday, December 03, 2004

Just another unordinary-ordinary-day


today, i feel pain in my eye, but overall i feel fresh. Christmas is coming soon, i'm thinking about decorating my room, but i wonder how much cash do i have to spend, since prices in Japan are expensive.... I missed the time when i decorated the hall of St. Aloysius High School for Christmas... 懐かしい。。。

"don't get so busy that you missed giving just a little kiss (to the ones you love), and
don't even wait for a little while giving just a little smile, a little is enough (^^)
don't save it all for christmas day, find a way to give a little love everyday" --Clay Aiken--

What a bad ending

it's not things that disturb man, but their judgement about things

i've just gone kesel and bt. Someone has just complained about japanese being so hard to learn, yet she has better ability in japanese.

i know my japanese is far far from good, but i'll use it once in a while. please bare with it.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

First timer,

pas blog udah basi, gw baru mulai coba bikin blog. dasar ya.